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Whether you’ve had great success in your own field, and become an expert along the way, or had a mentor
of your own who helped you, mentoring is something you can do that makes a direct difference on someone else’s life.


Our mentor program is a core part of what we do, and we’ve made matches that reflect that –
between students, business founders, researchers, teachers and participants in our programs.


Enhance your leadership skills, build networks, shape the people in your community and get all the good feelings
from helping people while doing it. Welcome to our mentor program, we’re glad you’re here!


 The Mentor Program connects our various programs’ participants, who are looking to develop their skills and capabilities, with you, industry experienced mentors. The program provides a network for both mentor and participant to develop ongoing relationships by meeting regularly for professional business development in an organised and supportive framework.

As a mentor within these meetings, you may engage with your program participant in a group or through one on one support via the provision of constructive feedback and act as a sounding board to help guide your participant toward building a successful idea, innovation, or business.

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The benefits of being a mentor don’t stop at just feeling good about giving back. Our mentor program is designed so that everyone who joins becomes part of our vibrant community. Here’s how. We want to celebrate your contribution to the success of our programs, and we do so with regular catch-ups and networking drinks– including an event at the end of each calendar year, just for mentors. We want you to be able to connect with people who can help you, so we make sure our door is always open to you at Flinders at Tonsley. Whether you need a place to work from, meet clients or catch up with someone in our team. We provide you with opportunities to build your own skills and expertise through our programs, which you’ll always hear about first.

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Programs with Mentoring

Venture Dorm

Program Overview & Mentor Profile

Program overview

Venture Dorm helps participants take their business, product or service from idea to market validation in just 8 weekly sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to build their skills and capabilities with experienced facilitators and test their ideas with you, the mentor. As a mentor, you’ll provide professional one on one advice and feedback to them and their business idea, helping them solve challenges, refine their pitch, and act as a soundboard to help guide their idea to the next level!

What do we look for in Venture Dorm mentors?

  • Are motivated by the success of startups
  • Are able to provide direct feedback in a sensitive way
  • Open to innovation
  • Prepared to give pitch advice


Program Overview & Mentor Profile

Program overview

FOMENT offers intensive acceleration to innovative wine and tourism tech companies who are ready to scale up, and then connects them with businesses in the industry who are positioned to use their products and services.

FOMENT is also designed to speed up tech adoption by wine and tourism businesses by connecting them with providers of tech solutions which can make them more competitive, profitable and more likely to reach new markets around the world.

What do we look for in FOMENT mentors?

  • Experience in the Agricultural Technology, Wine or Tourism industries
  • Experienced in business growth or ‘scaling up’
  • Are motivated by the success of others
  • Pathway to market experience
  • Experience in commercialisation
  • Flexible
  • Open to innovation

Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator

Programme Overview & Mentor Profile

Program Overview

The Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator (IMA) is for small and medium enterprises and startups in the manufacturing industry wanting to explore new opportunities or solve manufacturing problems by building market-driven innovation capabilities, utilising industry 4.0 techniques. The key focus of this program is building innovations that are customer centric, making the most out of the latest technology and techniques in advanced manufacturing whilst building transformative business models. Mentors provide their insight to participants within this program in two ways. The first consists in participating in structured workshops to provide their knowledge and non-binding recommendations on the manufacturing challenges presented by the participating companies. The second entails watching the presentations of participating organisations and reviewing them as part of an advisory board. Mentors will use their manufacturing experience and knowledge to provide feedback and recommendations on the participants’ solutions.

What do we look for in IMA mentors?

  • Experience in the manufacturing industry
  • Are motivated by the success of others
  • Flexible
  • Open to innovation
  • Experience in commercialisation
  • Experience in product design


If you’d like to know more about the Mentor Program and how you can get involved, contact us!

Contact number: 8201 2256
Email: nvi@flinders.edu.au 

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