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We provide a range of programs and services to small and medium businesses.
We are dedicated to continuously improving our offerings and we always look forward to growing
our vibrant ecosystem by fostering more creative collaborations through our networks.


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eNVIsion incubator

Blending a vibrant, collaborative workspace with award-winning startup and innovation programs, eNVIsion helps your existing or new startup/business to become globally competitive.

As you grow, you can make the most out of the unique connections eNVIsion offers into Flinders University, the Tonsley Innovation District, and more.


FOMENT offers intensive acceleration to innovative wine and tourism tech companies who are ready to scale up, and then connects them with businesses in the industry who are positioned to use their products and services.

FOMENT is also designed to speed up tech adoption by wine and tourism businesses by connecting them with providers of tech solutions which can make them more competitive, profitable and more likely to reach new markets around the world.

Work Integrated Learning

Flinders New Venture Institute offers its resident businesses/startups the opportunity to become part of Flinders’ Work Integrated Learning (WIL), accessing Flinders University student talent via placements, consulting, or projects.

Flinders Innovation Centre

Flinders New Venture Institute offers access 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and other rapid prototyping services at its Flinders Innovation Centre.


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