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Flinders New Venture Institute is Flinders University’s centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Reflecting Flinders University’s vision, we strive to connect communities
to create value and make a lasting positive impact on the world.


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Flinders New Venture Institute (Flinders NVI) is South Australia’s premier centre for innovation, developing, enabling and connecting a vibrant eco-system of innovative businesses, curious and passionate students, dedicated researchers, international academics, and committed government partners to create untold future opportunities.

Located in the heart of South Australia’s primary Innovation District at Tonsley, Flinders NVI plays a vital role in equipping South Australia’s next generation of innovators to realise their potential and not only actively engage in the global economy, but to grow it.

Over the past seven years, we have continuously built our credentials by uniting with international business partners, and international academics to deliver significant, world-class insights and emerging knowledge to our local innovation community.

Our dedication to continuous improvement and creative collaboration has given Flinders NVI the well-earned reputation as an engaging thought leader and connector. We look forward to fostering more dynamic relationships amongst our strong alliances with local enterprise, academia, and government.

Verity Kingsmill
Director, Flinders New Venture Institute



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