About the New Venture Institute

The New Venture Institute is an institute of Flinders University. Our mission is to reinvent the way the University creates impact. We do this by building the capacities of individuals, businesses, educators and researchers so that they thrive in uncertainty.

The New Venture Institute has three core values: Boldness, innovation, and collaboration.

A message about the New Venture Institute from our Director

Through our programs and activities we inspire, connect and educate future people like you: The future generations of entrepreneurs and innovators.

At NVI, we link business, government and the community sector to all the university has to offer. We showcase the R&D innovations of the future, and ensure robust industry–university links. Whether you are a student at Flinders University, or you own a business (or aspire to), we can help you to keep creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking at the core of everything you do.

Please do contact us to see how we can help you stand out from the crowd.

Matt Salier
Director, New Venture Institute

Photo of Matt Salier, who is the director of the New Venture Institute