Meet the Team


Matt Salier


08 8201 7522

NVI Founder, strategist, tennis coach, frustrated Masterchef and obsessive whiteboarder.

Kathryn Anderson

Deputy Director Enterprise

08 8201 7678

Seer of mutual benefit, and doer of good deals. Paddler, biker, extreme gardener and yoga fan.

Aron Hausler

Deputy Director Operations

08 8201 7579

Strategy, innovation, digital & ethics.
Rethinker of things for tomorrow's world.

Diane Pearce

Office and Program Manager

08 8201 7943

Organiser of the NVI office and multitasker. A true Virgo who loves to travel.

Margaret Ledwith

Associate Professor

08 8201 7744

Pragmatic idealist, boundary-spanner and sharer of knowledge. Fascinated by how we will live, work and learn in the future and how we prepare for that today. Wannabe futurologist, furniture designer and cocktail bar owner.

Bert Verhoeven

Senior Lecturer - Innovation and Enterprise


Half Dutch, half Aussie, what happens if two halves become part of NVI whole? Let’s experiment! A focus on growth of the top-line and a desire to create lasting global innovation stories that make this world a better place. And if all this sounds like double Dutch to you, remember… the first coherent line ever spoken must have been: 'I have no idea what you're talking about!

Rachael Hetherington

Operations Coordinator

08 8201 7928

Event puppet master and office juggler. An eternal optimist driven by a love for the sun, ocean and travel.

Angela Difabio

Business Engagement Coordinator

08 8201 7591

A passionate philanthropist, foodie and health nut. Always seeking a good challenge that re-defines boundaries.

Raphael Garcia

Flinders Innovation Centre

08 8201 7875

Lots of experience with 3D printing and design, building things and drinking hot chocolate by my 3D printer. Love all things mechanical and electronic. Have something you want 3D printed? Call me and we can sort it out.

Kahiwa Sebire

Senior Instructional Designer

08 8201 7603

Enthusiastic solution-finder and life-long learner. Exploring the possibilities of authentic learning experiences and technology with sticky notes and whiteboards in tow.

Rebecca O’Dell

Program Administrator (Innovation & Enterprise)

08 8201 7879

Enjoys creating professional and personal learning opportunities. Developer of systems and processes. Organisation enthusiast. Traveller of many countries, giant dog walker and learner house builder.

Robert Love

Innovation in Schools Consultant

08 8201 7595

Built for change. A passionate high school educator and networker who is most alive discussing possibilities over a latte. In fact coffee may just be his life blood.