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At Flinders University, we recognise that careers are evolving and the workplace of the future will look very different from today.

Our new suite of innovation and enterprise electives and courses prepare you for the careers of tomorrow by developing ‘personal enterprise skills’ – the innate ability to adapt to whatever life throws at you, professionally and personally.

No matter what course you are studying, these electives will enhance your study experience and help you to gain adaptable and transferrable skills to equip you for future changes in the global job market. You can also study a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Letters or Bachelor of Design & Technology and specialise in innovation and enterprise topics.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be career-ready and empowered to make your mark on the world.

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Today is as slow as it gets. The ever increasing use and impact of technology in our day to day lives means it only gets faster every day. There are 133 million hours of YouTube being watched every day and $2.7 billion e-commerce is conducted daily; this is the world we now live in. Understanding technology and how innovation plays a role in whatever area you’re studying whether it’s psychology, social work, business, marketing or engineering is critical for success.

- Matt Salier, Director New Venture Institute