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The future of how we live, work and learn is rapidly changing as we embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution.

We aim to lead the way, seeking out new knowledge and creating new opportunities by leveraging our global networks and building entrepreneurial capacity.

Flinders’ NVI delivers a full suite of innovation and enterprise courses to prepare you to transform the organisations and industries of today, and launch the new ventures, technologies and services of tomorrow.

Develop the skills and knowledge to drive a new wave of socio-economic advancement, growth and stability for the future.

  • Professional Certificate of Innovation for Transformation
  • Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Enterprise
  • Graduate Diploma in Innovation & Enterprise
  • Master of Innovation for Transformation (coming in 2019)

Immersive learning – design led – 6 weeks turbo charged.

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Today is as slow as it gets. The ever increasing use and impact of technology in our day to day lives means it only gets faster every day. There are 133 million hours of YouTube being watched every day and $2.7 billion e-commerce is conducted daily; this is the world we now live in. Understanding technology and how innovation plays a role in whatever area you’re studying whether it’s psychology, social work, business, marketing or engineering is critical for success.

- Matt Salier, Director New Venture Institute