Flinders Innovation Centre

Your gateway to incredible 3D printing.

At the Flinders Innovation Centre, we offer:

  • 3D printing
  • 3D scanning
  • Other rapid prototyping services

We offer these services to:

  • Industry
  • Start-ups
  • Individuals
  • Schools
  • Univeristies

” Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of key innovative technologies that are critical to South Australia’s future industries. “

Our 3D printer is a Stratasys Connex 260 3D printer which utilises PolyJet technology to create prototypes, parts, and injection moulding tools with precision and incredible definition. This is a high quality, multi-material 3D printer offering 14 customisable material selections including rigid and rubberised/flexible finishes that can be produced as an assembly, with up to 16 micron layer resolution.

This 3D printer was used extensively for rapid prototyping and validation of the recently commercialised Hills Innovation Centre Arthritis Pendant. This has also been utilised by many local designers and businesses to produce cost-effective high quality prototypes and parts with a rapid turnaround time.

Our 3D scanner, the Artec Spider, creates incredibly defined 3D scans of difficult objects and has been used by many to replicate organic, intricate objects for 3D printing.

Feel free to visit our facilities on Level 2, Flinders at Tonsley, for a more hands on look at what we can do to help you innovate and commercialise your ideas!

The Flinders Innovation Centre is a node of the South Australian Government’s Manufacturing Technology Centre.

For further information or a no obligation free quote for 3D printing, please contact Raphael Garcia:

raphael.garcia@flinders.edu.au | (08) 8201 7875