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 Welcome to the first edition of our Venture Dormers in focus, where we go behind the scenes of our Venture Dorm startups and get all the information on their inspiration and challenges.

First, what is your name? Teal Watkins. 


Hi! Thanks for letting us find out more about your startup, Adventurist. First, what is your name and when did you join Venture Dorm? Teal Watkins, Semester One, 2018. 

What is Adventurist, and what problem does it solve? It’s currently too hard for people to get out and experience the great outdoors. Owning your own kayak, mountain bike, surfboard, camping equipment etc. is too expensive.

What a great idea. Anything else we should know? Even if you could afford all these specialised pieces of equipment, where would you store it? Would you know how to use it? Would you know where to use it? How would you get it there? Who else would go with you? You could try taking a guided tour, but expect to pay a premium price. Adventurist aims to solve all these problems. 

What lead you to take Adventurist into Venture Dorm? Venture Dorm is an elective topic as part of my Bachelor of Business at Flinders University. As I am specialising in Entrepreneurship, now known as Innovation & Enterprise, it just made sense. I’ve spent the last three years buried in text books and theory and I felt more than ready to get my hands dirty, so to speak, and put my learning into practice.

If someone called you and asked you why they should join Venture Dorm, what would be your answer? Access to mentors and networks. I’ve met so many knowledgeable people on the journey so far who have taken a real interest in what I’m doing and provided me with guidance that goes beyond what you get at a weekend barbeque. Successful entrepreneurs have been guiding me every step of the way and providing me with introductions into their networks where appropriate. Normally I’d expect to pay top dollar for this level of consulting and it’s all included in the program.

Have you had a ‘breakthrough moment’ while in Venture Dorm? Yes, after being in the program for just six weeks my idea went from concept to practice when I delivered my first paid event: Adventurist Kayaking. I was extremely pleased to get 14 paying customers with no marketing beyond my own Facebook channels. Nearly half of those customers were complete strangers to me, so it was great to see real support from the community in addition to my family and friends. I’ve also been in touch with existing organisations that are interested in partnering with Adventurist when it’s up and running.

If people want to get involved with Adventurist, where should they go? As my business was only an idea six weeks ago, I’m currently going through the process of setting up all communication channels. My website www.adventurist.com.au is currently under construction and the social media channels are on their way, but in the meantime you can email me at info@adventurist.com.au.

What’s the next big milestone for Adventurist? That’s a tough question. I think in the next couple of weeks it’ll be the launch of the website, but in the longer term I think the next big milestone will be the purchase of equipment for my customers to use on an ongoing basis. It’s probably the best milestone to choose because it scares and excites me all at once!

Lastly, if you could invite anyone to take part (ANYONE – live or dead) and become an advocate of Adventurist who would it be? Bear Grylls would be epic and would probably be my number one pick. I also like the idea of Amelia Earhart or even Jessica Watson just for their sheer sense of adventure.


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