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Welcome to the second edition of Venture Dormers in focus, where we go behind the scenes of our Venture Dorm startups and get all the information on their inspiration and challenges.

This week, it’s Geoff Dening, who’s one of the first Venture Dormers to participate in the program at our eNVIsion facility on the Limestone Coast (you can find out more about that here.) First things first, what’s your name and the name of your venture? Geoff Dening, and Goingtoplaces.com.au

Hi! Thanks for letting us find out more about your startup and your experience as one of the first Venture Dormers on the Limestone Coast. Can you please explain what Goingtoplaces.com.au is, and the problem it solves?

Goingtoplaces.com.au is providing a comprehensive information service of places to go, things to do, activities and events happening and the services available for all in Australia. 



What a great idea. Anything else we should know?

In 2012 I began a B’n’B and 80% of my guests were international travellers. Average age 20-30 and as time went on I noticed they particularly avoided the brochures and magazines I had available on regions activities and events. The existing Visitor Information Centres system is outdated, paper based, not connected regionally, or nationally, reliant upon volunteers. There are random websites and apps by individual groups on regions and states but no comprehensive united easily accessible information service is available.

geoff Dening Goingtoplaces.com.au

Geoff featured in The Border Watch’s article on eNVIsion

What lead you to take Goingtoplaces.com.au to Venture Dorm Limestone Coast?

I had been developing and publishing apps since 2016, and in July 2017 I had a site at the Southstart Entreprenuers Expo. Until then working in the isolation of the countryside, I had little idea of the Startup Industry and no interaction. When the Venture Dorm became a reality I was first in line to enter the program and what was provided was better than the nothing I began with.

Would you recommend Venture Dorm to other businesses on the Limestone Coast that are having similar problems?

Yes, it’s an invaluable experience. Combining action and knowledge to make your ideas and efforts reality.

If people want to start using Goingtoplaces.com.au, what should they do? 

Go to the website and download the apps for the current regions: Great Ocean Road, Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island, Limestone Coast or Robe and enjoy a travelling experience using them. Follow us on Instagram: @gotoplaceapp or Twitter: @goingtoplaces1. 

What’s the next big milestone for Goingtoplaces. com.au? 

Publishing the first state application. 

Lastly, if you could invite anyone to take part (ANYONE – live or dead) and become an advocate of Goingtoplaces.com.au, who would it be?

Spike Milligan!


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