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By Dan Smith

Love it or hate it networking is one of the great keys to success. However, there is nothing worse than going to an event only to have things marketed to you! I mean that kind of blatant marketing where their second sentence (after their name/company name) is a sales pitch.

So here are the top 3 things NOT to do at your next networking event:

1. Don’t try and sell me in the first minute
I said it in the intro. Don’t try and sell me in the first minute. Seriously, just breathe.


2. Be the business card Frisbee person.
Have you ever seen someone swoop into a conversation fan out their cards and then ping them off to everyone in the circle… then leave. What just happened? Networking is not about hitting up everyone in the room. Quality over quantity every time (in fact if you can become a regular that is even better).


3. Be a networking snob.
If you want to talk to the power players in the room and obviously (rudely) have no room for anyone else then good luck. Remember, once a decision is made you need to work with their team to make it happen. Are you the sort of person they will want to work with? Other times you will meet someone with totally unexpected interests/connections/offerings that make your day. I’m just using those examples to get you over the line, really it’s just about being a decent human being. Have fun, be interested.


So, what does the above tell us about what to do? It’s simple, be genuine, ask lots of questions and then add value freely. It’s fun helping people. Now get out there!

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