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Courses at NVI are experiences, not classes.

The New Venture Institute offers a full suite of innovation and enterprise courses. Our programs and courses prepare you to transform the organisations and industries of today, and to launch the new ventures, technologies and services of tomorrow.


Programs and courses offered through NVI

At NVI we offer programs and courses at all levels.



Professional Certificate in Innovation for Transformation



Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Enterprise)
Bachelor of Design and Technology Innovation



Graduate Entry only » Bachelor of Letters (Innovation and Enterprise)



Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise
Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Enterprise
**Forthcoming (2019)** Master of Innovation and Enterprise. Email now us to express your interest program.


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Why study with NVI?

How you work, live, and learn is changing. Experience this first-hand at NVI.

Studying at NVI is an immersive, fast-paced experience. This is because today is as slow as it gets. Innovation and increasing technology both play a role in whatever area you’re studying, from psychology to business, or drama to engineering. Your ability to apply innovation principles will be critical for your success.

Join us and discover new ways to think and be in the world of work.