Get workplace experience

Get real workplace experience by participating in the Flinders Enterprise Consulting program.

Flinders Enterprise Consulting gives you the amazing experience of working on real-world projects. Apply the latest thinking to problems brought to you by real businesses, and help them to get to the next level.

In the process, learn what it’s like to consult in a business, to be mentored by some of industry’s best minds, and to make a real impact.

How it works

Over the course of a semester, your class will examine a business. You will:

  • Define the problem
  • Thoroughly examine the business
  • Conduct client briefings and progress meetings
  • Conduct a complete analysis and assessment
  • Write a report that puts your solutions forward
  • Deliver a 15-minute presentation to the business at the end of the program.

Flinders Enterprise Consulting


What types of projects does Flinders Enterprise Consulting offer?

Complete digital strategies based on a 360-degree assessment of a business and its online presence. See how eBusiness360 helps businesses.

Complete analyses of the best ways to grow a business, and to establish cycles of innovation. Read through Business Growth and Innovation.

Complete strategic management reviews, to give business owners deep strategic insight. Check out the Strategic Management offering.

Improve a business’s impact and engagement in social media, and help them to understand the opportunities they have to use them for marketing. Read the Social Media Marketing project.

Develop concepts for new ways to use spaces and physical things, including wayfinding and navigation, Design Engineering.

Find out how you can get real workplace experience while you study

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Flinders Enterprise Consulting

Real Businesses.
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