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STEM Learning packages



These learning packages are well suited to a middle-schooling approach, encouraging collaboration between faculties across STEM, HASS, English, Design and Technology, Music and Visual arts. They focus on supporting students to understand the impacts that humans have and can have on the world around them.

Each of the learning packages has the potential to be modified for a short learning experience or expanded into major projects across the term. They connect students to the world outside of the classroom; into their communities and industries, as well as encouraging students to connect to the 100 jobs of the future

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The Impacts We Feel

Suitable for Year 9 maths, Year 9 English and Year 9/10 visual arts.

Students will explore global issues affecting humanity and analyse the impacts on themselves, their peers and local communities. Students will collect and creatively storify data for sharing with their chosen audience.

The Impacts We See

Suitable for Year 7/8 Media Arts, Year 7/8 Science and Year 8 English.

Students will explore global issues affecting humanity and understand the connections between their actions and their chosen theme area. They will design an exhibition highlighting the inter-connected nature of the world, aiming for selected responses in the audience.

The Impacts We Program

Suitable for Year 9/10 Design and Technology, Year 10 Geography, Year 10 English.

Students will design a believable, data-informed, hypothetical scenario around a global issue. They will be supported to use available technology (e.g. robotics, drones, software) to program and share a solution to their problem.

The Impacts We Innovate

Suitable for Year 7 Science, Year 7 Humanities and Social Sciences and Year 7/8 Design and Technology.

Students will be supported to predict historical and current trends impacting their local industry and workforce. They will ideate and design innovations that can overcome these issues and design and deliver an expression of how their solution will be situated in their world of work in 2030.

The Impacts We Harmonise

Suitable for Year 8 Health and Physical Education, Year 8 Music and Year 8 Visual Arts.

Students will explore the concepts of harmony and diversity across a range of areas. This research will highlight to students the impacts arising from a lack of harmony and diversity, and they will share examples which support their learning in this area.

The Impacts We Hear

Suitable for Year 10 Mathematics, Year 10 History, Year 10 Drama, Year 10 Music and Year 10 English.

Students will identify the similarities and differences of global issues from three perspectives: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, a chosen culturally diverse international perspective, and their own unique community and personal experience. Students will analyse the cause of those variations and share their learning as a cultural immersion experience.

The Impacts We Envision

Suitable for Year 9 /10 Design and Technology, Year 9 English and Year 9 Science.

Students will design their ideal futuristic community, focusing on innovation within planning and development, health and well-being, sustainability and culture and community connection. Incorporating the predicted technological advances foreseen by the year 2050, students will design avatars of their future selves and present their vision for the future.

The Impacts We Survive

Suitable for Year 7 Humanities and Social Sciences, Year 7 Health and Physical Education and Year 7 Science.

Students are supported to design the systems and processes that will underpin humanity’s habitation of a new-found planet perfectly suited to humans. This will involve a research phase to identify issues that must be avoided to ensure sustainability for our species on the new planet.

The Impacts We Value

Suitable for Year 7 Health and Physical Education, Year 7 English and Year 7 Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students will embark upon a journey of self-discovery and self-actualisation, learning and applying theoretical self-development frameworks into action. Students will learn about their unique intelligences, learning style, mindsets and be empowered to create value for themselves and others through entrepreneurial learning.

Time Travelling for Impact

A cross-curricula learning experience for Year 8 History, Year 8 Science and Year 8 English.

Students will be supported to study concepts that will help them understand cause and effect, in their present and throughout history. Before delving deep into a design challenge, that works backwards from a current issue facing humanity. Students will time travel and design and develop a suitable intervention that fixes a current problem and presents a new outcome.

This project has been made possible with the support of the Australian Government.

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