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    eNVIsion Limestone Coast



    Skill building

    A collaborative community to grow your business on the Limestone Coast

    Welcome to eNVIsion Limestone Coast!

    eNVIsion Limestone Coast is a collaborative community for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs of all sectors and industries. From our base at Mount Gambier High School, we invite you to join our programs, attend events and become part of a network across the Limestone Coast.

    Anyone can use what's on offer at eNVIsion Limestone Coast

    We provide the tools and expertise needed to take your idea or established business to the next level. eNVIsion offers the resources to help your business grow, develop, scale, and connect to new local, national and international markets. We take pride in delivering our services through partnerships with schools, business, industry and councils across the region.

    How we support your business journey

    • Access to world-class university resources and expertise
    • Connections to state, national and international networks
    • Award-winning programs (Venture Dorm)
    • Face-to-face and online networking opportunities
    • Access to regular events
    • Coworking space with super-fast internet
    • Mentoring

    To begin the process of using eNVIsion Limestone Coast’s facilities, follow the link below and fill out the form.

    Our partnership with Mount Gambier High School

    Our strategic partnership with Mount Gambier High School – one of South Australia’s five Entrepreneurial Specialist Schools – reflects our commitment to innovation in the classroom, infusing it into the curriculum, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

    Our new home at the school’s Collaborative Learning Centre (CLC) is an active, exciting hub for programs, events and learning opportunities for businesses and students alike – infusing key connections between these two communities. While our physical premises is eNVIsion Limestone Coast @ CLC, we are committed to extending our offerings across the entire Limestone Coast region.

    Youth Entrepreneurial Hub

    Owing to an increase in support from the Australian Government for secondary school students in the Limestone Coast, we are excited to announce the opening of the ‘Youth Entrepreneurial Hub’. The latter will offer secondary school students with an entrepreneurial mindset the invaluable opportunity to receive expert mentoring and guidance free of charge online or face-to-face. For more information, click here.

    Looking to join Venture Dorm on the Limestone Coast?

    Venture Dorm, our award-winning business accelerator program, is designed to equip you with the skills and mindset you need for the next phase of your journey.

    Week by week, the program will give you time, space and support to solve your complex business problem. 8 weeks later, you’ll have clearly defined ‘next steps’ and the confidence you need to take them. 

    Venture Dorm is hands-on and immersive, whether you have an idea or already have an established business. It is the ideal program for anyone asking themselves ‘What do I need to do to make this happen?’

    Press play and hear from some of our past Venture Dorm Limestone Coast participants, Ashlee Kalantarian, Katie Fox, Daryl Prunnell and Belinda Tilley speak about their journey through the program.

    We are now accepting Expressions of Interest for Venture Dorm Limestone Coast 2021. Fill out the form below to let us know if you’re keen to be considered.

    Expression of Interest for Venture Dorm Limestone Coast

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    eNVIsion Limestone Coast Regional Manager

    Callena Rawlings

    Callena Rawlings

    eNVIsion Limestone Coast Regional Manager



    Callena’s career has been guided by one powerful question, “What can we do together that we cannot do alone?” With over 25 years experience in the Public Sector, she is driven by a passion for building partnerships and creating opportunities that excite and inspire. Callena brings a jigsaw puzzle mentality to her work, always looking for opportunities that help people realise their potential and find their place.


    If you’d like to know more about eNVIsion Limestone Coast and how our community can help you, get in touch!

    eNVIsion Limestone Coast @ CLC
    Collaborative Learning Centre, Mount Gambier High School
    17 Brownes Rd, Mount Gambier SA 5290
    South Australia
    Email: callena.rawlings@flinders.edu.au 

    If you’d like to book a time with Callena to discuss joining eNVIsion Limestone Coast and what the next steps are for your business, click the button below to send her an email. She’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to organise a face-to-face meeting, or if necessary, a video call.