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Welcome to eNVIsion.

eNVIsion is our business support program. Traditionally housed in multiple physical locations across the state, we’ve now moved to an online platform – so anyone can join, from anywhere. 

Learn more about what eNVIsion has to offer people with their own business; those who want to support fellow entrepreneurs; and start-ups who want to connect with experts and belong to a community that encourages growth and collaboration.

eNVIsion is where we put NVI’s values into action: to inspire, connect and educate. Welcome!

We've made becoming an eNVIsion member easier, in a time when you need it most.

We’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic have a huge impact on business around the world. In some cases, the challenges have made way for resilience and the business community working closer together. To help play our part, we’ve revised our eNVIsion model and removed all geographic barriers, so you can make the most of membership advantages from across South Australia.


To make our transition from physical to digital, we’ve chosen a platform where the eNVIsion and NVI teams will talk to you and you can work with other members (through Slack); a video platform where we’ll deliver the same content and activations we always have (using Zoom) and a calendar of events, workshops, activities to keep you and your business expanding and adapting during this time.


How does it work once you join?

Blending a vibrant, collaborative calendar of digital events with the opportunity to join award-winning startup and innovation programs, eNVIsion will help better your business and connect you with likeminded entrepreneurs.

Your membership includes:

  • First access to digital sessions, before they’re offered to the public, including Q&As with industry thought leaders
  • Extended format workshops
  • Mentoring sessions from NVI’s network of mentors
  • Access to a wide range of University resources; student interns, student projects, etc.
  • Online networking through the private Slack channel
  • Guidance from the eNVIsion team in all regions
  • Consulting with Raphael from the Flinders Innovation Centre for prototyping 
  • And more!

Where is eNVIsion?

While we’re advised to work from home, eNVIsion is wherever you are. It is a collaborative effort across NVI’s presence in three regions:

eNVIsion Metro

eNVIsion Metro

Flinders at Tonsley

eNVIsion has run from Flinders at Tonsley for the last five years, and it’s a welcoming and supportive base for our community of small to medium enterprises. Metro eNVIsion members can work from hot desks, or establish permanent set ups in the coworking space, as well as access Flinders’ world-class facilities. Plus, you never know the connections you can make at the coffee machine!

Level 2, Flinders University at Tonsley
1284 South Road
Tonsley SA 5042
E: info@nviflinders.com.au
P: (08) 8201 7928

eNVIsion Barossa-Yorke-Mid North

eNVIsion Barossa-Yorke-Mid North

Barossa UniHub

Thinking comes more easily in a chateau, it’s a proven fact. The Barossa UniHub campus offers lecture spaces, speedy internet, and a beautiful place to work and network, in the beautiful surrounds of SA’s best wine country. You’ll be able to meet with De Edwards regularly through the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Scheme too.

 Barossa Campus,
1/30/38 Barossa Valley Way,
Nuriootpa SA 5355

E: dee.edwards@flinders.edu.au

P: 8201 7866

eNVIsion Limestone Coast

eNVIsion Limestone Coast

Collaborative Learning Centre, Mount Gambier High School

eNVIsion Limestone Coast’s home in the Collaborative Learning Centre at Mount Gambier High School makes way for plenty of exciting partnership opportunities with the school. Find out how you can work with Callena to get involved!

eNVIsion Limestone Coast @ CLC
Collaborative Learning Centre, Mount Gambier High School
17 Brownes Rd, Mount Gambier SA 5290
South Australia
E: callena.rawlings@flinders.edu.au 

Ready to apply?

Once you’ve filled out the form, someone from our team will review it and make sure eNVIsion is right for you. Then, you’ll be sent a short profile to fill out and the invitation to join Slack.

In Slack, you’ll have access to the general channel, where everyone can speak to each other, share news and seek advice. You’ll also be added to a private channel that corresponds to where you’re based, in case any of our events and activities are only relevant to that region.

Apply for eNVIsion

  • We'd love to get to know what you're about. Please include your website, any social media and anything else you think we'd be interested in.

How it works


If you’d like to join eNVIsion, the application process is simple. We’ll do our best to accommodate your space and working needs.


Once we’ve received your application, you’ll be invited to Slack, the platform where we communicate with our eNVIsion members. You’ll get access to a general channel, and a private channel which corresponds to your region.

Get started.

Once you’re good to go, Slack is where you’ll hang out most of the time. We’ll check in regularly, stir up conversation and encourage you to share your good news, requests for advice and make some new friends!

Now that you're in...

Now you’re ready to take advantage of the eNVIsion for its unique opportunities. That includes early access to events we hold here at NVI, fantastic networking, resources within each eNVIsion location and more!