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Sourdough Pre-Accelerator


The Sourdough Pre-Accelerator is coming to an end, as the participants gear up to pitch on Demo Day.

Find out more about who the Sourdough Pre-Accelerator participants are and what their businesses do by reading on!

Sourdough Pre-Accelerator

Business: Social Futures

Team: Sam, Phil, Jacqui, Georgina

Product or service: Social Futures is a user experience driven child mental and allied health service. The space is an adventure playground that has indoor and outdoor spaces available to all community members.

What’s the problem space? There’s stigma attached to attending child psychology services. Social Futures helps eliminate that by creating a meeting place in the community that allows for natural observation of family dynamics.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: Professionals can observe and engage with children who are comfortable to be themselves in a natural setting. It’s a fun, welcoming space that communities are free to use, but is partnered with mental and allied health services.

Find out more: https://socialfutures.org.au/

Business: Byron Bay Tram Link

Team: Pete Finch

Product or service: Byron Bay Tram Link is primarily a tourist transport service using heritage Australian trams to operate on an unused portion of the NSW North Coast rail line. Local transport for residents could also be added.

What’s the problem space? Tourism Research Australia data shows that just 3% of the 2.1 million annual visitors to Byron Bay go sightseeing, which could be due to some of these issues:

  • The only organised tour option for Byron visitors is the infrequent bus to Nimbin
  • Congested roads into and out of Byron Bay may deter tour operators
  • There’s a lack of activities for visitors

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: Trams are a part of Australia’s transport history and there’s plenty of nostalgia attached to them. Think Melbourne’s 1950’s Green and Yellow trams and Sydney’s iconic Toast-Rack trams to Bondi. And of course there’s San Francisco’s cable cars. Trams use electricity from overhead wires which is expensive to install and costly to run. Byron Bay Tram Link is evaluating the latest lithium battery technology and also Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology which can operate from sea water.

Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ByronShireTramLink

Business: Be Frank Byron Bay

Team: James Wright

Product or service: Be Frank Byron Bay is a curated collection of makeup. It’s also a social business, promoting employment and empowerment in regional NSW.

What’s the problem space? Be Frank promotes quality, affordable, sustainable and ethical products, while providing employment opportunities for unskilled workers.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: Be Frank is challenging current standards of ethics in the cosmetics industry and encouraging responsible consumerism. It does this by contributing a percentage of revenue to NFPs and charities.

Business: Uplift Swimwear

Team: Julie May, Katee Blizzard

Product or service: Uplift Swimwear is a swimwear brand specialising in contemporary, innovative mastectomy swimwear. Uplift also runs workshops for confidence.Uplift Swimwear

What’s the problem space? There’s a lack of contemporary mastectomy swimwear for all aged women. BCNA estimated in 2018 there would be 2 women between the ages of 20-39 diagnosed with breast cancer each day. Research shows that contemporary mastectomy swimwear is extremely limited in terms of style and and accessibility.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: Uplift Swimwear is unique because there are several innovations within its design. The swimwear has detachable features – women can choose to wear the bikini by itself or attach the third piece for more security and support. It supports mind and body through swimwear and specialised confidence building workshops.

Find out more: https://upliftswimwear.com/

Business: Cnvynzr.com

Team: Anthony Edmonds

Product or service: Cnvynzr.com is an online conveyancing tool which uses robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Clients and agents can interface through the Cnvynzr.com app.

What’s the problem space? The solution is designed to increase productivity for both business and clients. For business, it increases accuracy of conveyancing, reduces errors and improves productivity. For clients, it helps them work outside of business hours and all interactions can be completed on mobile. They an easily customise the app to suit their situation, complete tasks and monitor their project.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: The legal industry hasn’t yet embraced the possibilities and benefits of technology, AI, machine learning and robotic process automation. Using machine learning and robotic process automation increases accuracy, speed and reduces office costs. Cnvynzr.com applies those systems into a fully online conveyancing service to make the whole process more efficient for each side of the exchange.

Business: Hemp Collective

Team: Maxine Shea

Product or service: Hemp Collective is born out of a need to create quality hemp products for a sustainable future. They grow organic, spray free hemp in a prime location in the Byron Shire. The Shea family produce seed and are looking to the future to promote excellence in breeding for their farm and other farmers under licence. Their current products are value added hemp body products which are locally distributed and can be purchased through their online store – hempcollective.com.au or national stockist.

They’re looking to utilise the property for boutique hemp farm tours to enhance Hemp education and produce online content about Hemp. This would then progress in to the future for a hub for hemp excellence, which encourages innovation and growth, coupled with Infrastructure such as an Industrial hemp oil press and other machinery at the farm location, which in turn will help with traceability of the raw hemp products that is being delivered into the market place for farmers.

No photo description available.

What’s the problem space? Growers around the region have to transport their seed to either be hulled in the Sunshine Coast or oil pressed in Victoria, creating additional costs for the hemp growers, suppliers and in turn their customers. Hemp in Australia is at its pioneering stage and the industry needs local solutions to give the industry the infrastructure it so desperately needs. This will help create a sustainable economy for agriculture in and around the region.

There’s a lack of knowledge around hemp from hemp farming in Australia, perception of hemp and hemp-based products and what the future will hold for hemp business in Australia. By creating an online education platform, building Hemp Collective’s brand as a leader in the field of hemp, farm tours and creating future workshops, for hands-on learning, this feeds in for a future centre for innovation and growth – ultimately encouraging Hemp Excellence around Australia.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: Hemp is a new and emerging industry that’s introduced many new business opportunities and outcomes to future hemp entrepreneurs. Byron Bay is a brand of its own and with thousands of visitors embarking on this region annually, the location of the facility, farm and our expert hemp knowledge, this is the perfect location that will empower the general public about how hemp can be easily incorporated and understood for a healthy lifestyle, balanced environment and creating jobs for NSW.

We’ll be a one-stop hub for hemp education, processing and Innovation. There’s nothing else like it in Australia, and our region would be the first of its kind to introduce the model. We would hope to create employment in the region and attract partnerships and potential investment or appropriate government funding in the future.

Find out more: http://www.hempcollective.com.au/

Business: RenoFeed

Team: Jude Parkin

Product or service: RenoFeed is an online platform where people can access recommendations for service and trade while they build or renovate a property as well as earning rewards for uploading their content after they have finished their renovation.

What’s the problem space? RenoFeed connects suppliers to home renovators so they can receive curated content uploaded by the consumers.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: There is nothing like it in the industry. Home Renovators can earn money from their finished projects and trades & suppliers get the content curated for them.

Business: The Linen SHIFTLogo

Team: Anne Goslett

Product or service: The Linen SHIFT is a social enterprise that provides a boutique laundry service to Byron and surrounding townships.

What’s the problem space? The Linen SHIFT provides employment options to women in vulnerable situations, while giving Byron and surrounds a fabulous laundry service.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: It provides an opportunity for women to gain skills within a supportive environment that’s focused on local needs and engaging vulnerable women in employment options.

Business: Byron Bay International Music Camp

Team: Oren Siedler

Product or service: World-class music education for adolescent musicians set in an inspiring natural environment.

What’s the problem space? The music camp provides the only opportunity in Australia for participants to access one-on-one tuition and intimate chamber work with world-class musicians in an immersive camp environment.

What’s the ‘Secret Sauce?’: There’s no other music camp in Australia offered to youth aged 14-22. This camp will provide solo instrumental education set in an exquisite natural environment where recreational activities are built into the course structure.


Sourdough Pre-Accelerator Facilitation

Want to find out more about running a Pre-Accelerator program in your region?

We worked with Kylee, Sourdough Entrepreneur in Residence and the Sourdough Business Pathways team to facilitate this intake of the Pre-Accelerator program in Byron Bay. This involved working with the team to coordinate the program, tweak it according to the region and deliver it using a playbook and support from our own team.

We’ve been running Venture Dorm for 5 years now, across 3 different locations, and we can help you facilitate a similar program in your region, just like we have with Sourdough. If you’re interested, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with more information soon!


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