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Skill Up: How to level up your personal innovation skill set

Do you want to learn how to recognise the right challenges, and turn them into opportunities? Skill Up is about changing your mindset, by taking practical methodologies and applying them with confidence to your work, and life. This is where you Skill Up by expanding your knowledge past your own backyard, so you can see where you can leverage your skills as a true innovator – locally, nationally and globally.

Innovation for Transformation | Professional Certificate

Designed with the future of work and careers in mind, Innovation for Transformation: Professional Certificate helps future-thinking people navigate the constant change and disruption in every industry – the ‘new normal’.

How will I4T transform your capabilities?

Skill Up by joining one of our International Missions

Becoming a leader in your own field is an incredible feat. Succeeding in that, and becoming a thought leader in business, or an example to other people in different fields, professions and locations could be the next stage.

We think one of the best ways to propel past the growth you’ve achieved on your own turf is to learn firsthand from the people who are making it happen around the world. We’ve hosted countless international missions, incoming and outgoing, and it continues to be a core part of what we do. Our missions leave participants with a brighter, inspired outlook, broader networks and plans to take home and make happen. Here’s what’s on offer at the moment: 

eNVI.US Startup Founders Mission

Hannover Messe Mission for Manufacturers

Study Innovation & Enterprise at Flinders University

Differently Think. No matter what you study at Flinders, develop your personal enterprise skills by embedding innovation and enterprise into your degree.

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Learning Labs help you see the bigger picture

Work with our world-class innovative thinkers to understand how changing your own mindset can help your organisation. Find out how these hands-on labs infuse practical methods into what you do, to help you think differently about challenges and opportunities.

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