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Welcome to NVI's Learning Labs!

The Learning Lab Model is a hands-on innovation program that fuses capability building, practical acceleration and opportunity development within organisations.

The Learning Lab framework is built around three pillars:

  • The Innovation Journey: Working on live initiatives, participants will build their innovation capabilities and practical experience over the course of four, one-day, “deep-dives”. Each “deep dive” is aligned with a key stage of the innovation journey from ideation through validation, launch and scale.
  • The Innovation Toolkit: We build participants’ capabilities across a range of contemporary, best-practice innovation methodologies and frameworks e.g. Design Thinking, Agile Innovation, Business Model Design.
  • The Innovation Outcome: The Learning Lab is outcome and impact focused. We build participants’ ability to accelerate the process of developing and validating the commercial and social potential of proposed new opportunities and ventures.

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The Learning Lab Framework

Explore the different stages you’ll complete in the Learning Lab:

Journey: Discover Opportunity

The first deep dive focuses the participants on the discovery and generation of opportunities within the organisation and the exploration of the “problem space”. TOOLKIT

  • Innovative & Creative Thinking: Growth Mindset, Divergent & Convergent Thinking Tools, Diversity & Teams
  • Exploring Problem Spaces: Design Thinking; Problem Definition & Framing; Assumptions Matrix
  • Insights & Analysis: Root Cause; Stakeholder & Journey Mapping; User Empathy & Personas Creative Problem Solving: Generating & Evolving Solutions, Innovation Sweetspot; Problem –Solution Fit.

OUTCOME Participants are challenged to ensure the problem being addressed is fully understood and validated by users before resources are invested in building solutions.

Journey: Create Value

The second deep dive challenges participants to convert opportunity into unique and valuable user solutions. Participants will explore the “solution space”, focussing on customer-centred, agile product/service development and on the search for product/market fit. TOOLKIT

  • Value Proposition Design: Value Proposition Canvas
  • Customer Development Methodology: Customer Segmentation & Profiles, Jobs-to-be-Done & Value Mapping
  • Competitive Advantage & Unique Value Proposition Development
  • Agile Innovation & Validation: Build-Measure-Learn; Rapid Prototyping Principles & Practice

OUTCOME Participants are challenged to rapidly build and validate solutions that deliver a unique value proposition to users. The objective is to test for assumptions, de-risk investment, identify minimum viable product and accelerate product/market fit.

Journey: Deliver Impact
During the third deep dive participants’ focus will shift from creating value to commercialising value and optimising impact, learning and practicing innovation techniques to unlock, deliver and capture value. TOOLKIT

  • Business Model Innovation : Commercialisation and Routes-to-Market; Business Model Design
  • Business Model Fit: Business Model Canvas
  • Environmental Analysis: Trend Analysis; Macroeconomic Forces; Industry Forces; Market Forces
  • Business Model Validation: Assumptions Testing
  • Generating Buy-In: Storytelling for Influence

OUTCOME Participants build and test business models that create, deliver and capture value for the user and organisation. The objective is to facilitate go/no-go decisions, identify commercialisation pathways and accelerate business model fit and early launch.

Journey: Build Scale
In the fourth and final deep dive, the focus is on sustainability on a participant level as well as a broader organisational level. Within their team, participants will learn and practice innovation techniques to scale innovation initiatives and contribute to an organisation and culture of sustained innovation and transformation. TOOLKIT

  • Scaling-Up: Growth Hacking, Building Movements
  • Sustaining Innovation: Innovation Portfolio; Innovation & Growth Lifecycles

OUTCOME Participants adopt a long-term approach to innovation, ensuring initiatives and outcomes are scalable and sustainable, embedding innovation into the organisational DNA.