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Welcome to IMA

The Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator will help your company accelerate the process of
identifying, developing, and prototyping new solutions for business innovation challenges.

What is IMA?

The Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator (IMA) Program combines the best of Flinders’ world-class advanced manufacturing and prototyping capabilities, with access to Flinders University academics and researchers and cutting-edge research.

Companies with current business challenges that require upskilling in Industry 4.0 skills are welcome to join the IMA Program to accelerate the process of identifying, developing and prototyping new solutions for business innovation challenges.

This program will allow you to:

  • Identify a challenge you want to solve within your organisation.

  • Learn about available technologies to make your business model more competitive at national and global scale.
  • Assess tools, experts and funding to explore and refine your solutions.
  • Rapidly prototype solutions using the latest tools and the most advanced labs.
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3D printer in action
Aerial view of Adelaide
Aerial view of Adelaide
Aerial view of Adelaide

What's involved in the program?

As the representative for your organisation, you’ll be able to bring in a challenge that you would like to work on and/or explore new opportunities that will benefit you and your company.

1. Discover and identify how to combine Business Model Innovation with Industry 4.0 skills (e.g. Big Data Analytics, Robots & Automation, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Simulation & Visualisation, Cybersecurity) and even 5.0 skills (Biometrics and Bioengineering);

2. Access Flinders University Academics and Researchers with top expertise in Industry 4.0/5.0;

3. Link to Flinders University students who can work with the companies to help them with their challenges (via work integrated learning);

4. Access to the IMA Advisory Board: a group of top specialists in Industry 4.0 technology, networks, and funding in Australia and overseas;

5. Mentoring from a pool of mentors (Flinders Academics and Industry experts) that your company can draw on to advise and help shape your solution;

6. Access to Flinders University Labs and 3D Printing facilities (for prototyping);

7. Access to the Flinders New Venture Institute’s international expertise and contacts to help take your company reach global markets;

Participation is restricted to a maximum of five companies at any one time, this is to ensure unparalleled access to support and resources focused on solving the challenge you set.



If you’d like to know more about the Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator (IMA), contact our IMA Facilitator Carla Dias Wadewitz.

Carla has spent the last 20 years working with companies and start-ups across Europe, US and Asia, supporting their development in diverse areas such as health/nanotech, manufacturing & industry 4.0, fintech, energy, retail and tourism. She lectured in Entrepreneurship at some of Europe’s top business schools and is currently lecturing at Flinders University. Leveraging her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Carla also delivers national and international industry entrepreneurial programs to founders, start-ups and SMEs, which have contributed significantly to the ongoing development of the South Australian and Australian entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Email: carla.diaswadewitz@flinders.edu.au 

Carla Meet the Team
Carla Meet the Team
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