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    Scale Up: The next level of your innovation building

    If ‘innovation’ is no longer a buzzword to you, but a way of thinking and working instead, you’re in the right place. We refer to Scaling Up and these programs in our Innovation journey as the next stage for people who’ve started to embed the mindset into different aspects of their practice, no matter their profession, position or goals. Read on to find out how you can Scale Up and go further as a resilient and creative thinker.

    eNVIsion Incubator

    A place to connect, grow and learn. Welcome to eNVIsion, our coworking incubator program. Based in both Tonsley and Mount Gambier in South Australia, eNVIsion provides businesses, startups and entrepreneurs with a vibrant work space and the tools needed to grow.

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    Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator

    Ready to break new ground as a manufacturer? Embrace the possibilities of Industry 4.0 using the facilities here at Flinders at Tonsley within the Tonsley Innovation District, and work with expert mentors to boost your top-line growth.

    How can IMA help you embrace Industry 4.0?

    Flinders Enterprise Consulting

    Your connection to the university’s brightest minds, FEC gives you the benefit of high-achieving students working on your business. Mentor/student teams apply contemporary thinking to a problem that you need solved – for a fraction of the cost of any other consulting service.

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