Flinders New Venture Institute

As a researcher you can engage with the New Venture Institute to help you enhance your engaged and impactful research.

One way that we do this is by giving you access to a range of businesses that may prove to be insightful and useful partners.

Some of the types of business people to whom we may be able to connect you include:

  • Inventors
  • Founders
  • Business owners
  • Small and medium enterprises.

Alternative sources of research funding

In collaborating with businesses, you may become eligible for alternative sources of funding. Below are some of the grants that may be available to you, to further your research.


SA Early Commercialisation Fund

The South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund (SAECF) is a new SA State Government grant program established to assist South Australia’s entrepreneurs and innovative organisations looking to commercialise novel products and services. The SAECF will provide eligible companies and organisations with grants of up to a maximum of $500,000 + GST with matched funding required in most cases.

Learn more at the SA Early Commercialisation Fund website.

Innovation Voucher Program

The Innovation Voucher Program supports collaboration between small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and research service providers (RSPs) to facilitate and encourage technological innovation and industry diversification in priority areas.

Learn more at the Department of State Development’s Innovation Voucher website.

Entrepreneurs Program: Accelerating Commercialisation

Accelerating Commercialisation provides access to expert guidance and grants to help businesses commercialise their novel products, processes and services. It’s suitable for you if you are looking to commercialise your research, and agree to form a for-profit company.

Learn more at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

ON Prime: CSIRO’s Innovation Accelerator

ON Prime is a pre-accelerator, designed to help research teams take their ideas to the next level.

Over 8 weeks (5 face-to-face sessions in total), participants will test paths for their IP, know-how or technology through a process of customer discovery and market validation, and build their entrepreneurial and business model capabilities to ensure they are working on the right problems, targeting the right markets and capitalising on the best opportunities.

Learn more about ON Prime at the CSIRO website.

Learn about funds offered by businesses, philanthropists and venture capitalists

The New Venture Institute may be able to help you to access funding from businesses, philanthropists and venture capitalists.

Send us an email to get started.