Welcome to Pascal, founder of jobspottr and our first successful SISA Visa applicant!

Pascal, Aron, Quddus

Aron of NVI, Quddus of Venture Dorm and Pascal, our newest resident!

The SISA Visa, Visa 408 or the Entrepreneur Visa is part of a national program, which is being premiered right here in South Australia. The SISA Visa’s objective is to grow start-up businesses and encourage new skills, ideas and innovation in SA and Australia as a result.

The SISA Visa was launched in November by Premier Steven Marshall with a $400,000 funding commitment over four years to support the program. Flinders New Venture Institute (that’s us!) were invited to play host to applicants and eventually, recipients of the Visa, alongside The Moonshine Lab, University of Adelaide’s ThincLab and UniSA’s Innovation and Collaboration Centre


Pascal, founder of jobspottr, is our first SISA Visa applicant to join us. He’ll participate in the next intake of the Venture Dorm Pre-Accelerator Program and work from eNVIsion here at Tonsley. We’re very excited to welcome him, and to get to know him!

On the subject of getting to know him, we asked him a few questions.

What business brings you to South Australia? There is not really a business that brings me to SA except my own project, jobspottr, that I’ve started with two co-founders.

What attracted you to living and working in SA? One reason was the New Entrepreneur Visa of South Australia I was granted and the fact that the government tries to help the startup community to grow. So I wouldn’t really have had a choice as I need to maintain my primary residency in SA. But SA had definitely something appealing to me before I even know there was a New Entrepreneur Visa. Starting from the more affordable living costs compared to other cities to the great wine regions (I quite like wine), good food and some other reasons, SA has some things to offer I really like.

What are you looking forward to about being part of the Flinders New Venture Institute community? To get into the startup community in Adelaide as quick as possible and have a great network and mentoring to prepare for our launch. Also, it would be great if people can introduce us to employers in hospitality (restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, hotels, …) and farming as this is our target group.

What do you think will be the biggest difference between working here and working in Germany?  I think the biggest differences between the places I’ve been working before (Germany and Sydney) and Adelaide is that Adelaide has still a lot of potential to grow where Germany and Sydney is pretty packed (people who’re living there). I also believe that Adelaide is a good market to test for us as it’s much smaller and we need to focus at the beginning due to limited resources.

What can’t you wait to try in Australia? (activity, food, etc.) Number one probably is surfing. I’ve spent more than 2,5 years in Australia travelling around and working and couldn’t manage to learn or even try surfing. Some other things are probably the food in SA and the wine, as there are a lot of good vineyards. And I also wanna travel the west coast and the north.

AND NOW, get to know his startup: jobspottr!

jobspottr is a hiring engine and job platform for the hospitality (hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, catering services, bars, clubs, …) and farming industry. It works by connecting people with hard working, reliable employees tailored to the employer’s needs when you need them – easy and quick access at your fingertips through the mobile app.
Whether it’s sickness, a family emergency, someone has quit or just a no show – it happens. But to be able to offer a good service and have happy customers, you need a full roster. In farming you need a hand when the harvest is ready. jobspottr helps employers to pre-select the applicants and fill in their shifts so they can concentrate on the most important things – happy customers and good business.

Want to support jobspottr? They’re interested in hearing from venues who would like to trial the app, investors and mentors. You can get in touch with Pascal here.

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