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    Limestone Coast Youth Entrepreneurial Hub

    Mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs on the Limestone Coast

    Youth Entrepreneurial Hub

    We’re excited to announce an increase in support from the Australian Government for secondary students in the Limestone Coast.

    Do you know a student who demonstrates an entrepreneurial mindset and could benefit from mentoring and guidance from our eNVIsion Limestone Coast Regional Manager, Callena Rawlings?

    We are currently inviting schools and parents to nominate their student to receive structured entrepreneurial mentorship from Callena. This mentoring can occur face to face or online via ICT Tools such as Microsoft Teams. Students will be supported by Callena to utilise tools from New Venture Institute’s flagship program Venture Dorm. Let’s get started!

    This initiative is supported by:

    Geena mentoring students

    Nominate a student

     As a first step, teachers and/or parents are invited to consider the below checklist to determine if they have students who meet the guiding criteria. Teachers are encouraged to contact Callena for a follow-up conversation prior to completing the attached Expression of Interest form to understand the support that will be on offer.

    We look forward to supporting the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in the Limestone Coast!

    Expressions of Interest

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    Our partnership with Mount Gambier High School

    Our strategic partnership with Mount Gambier High School – one of South Australia’s five Entrepreneurial Specialist Schools – reflects our commitment to innovation in the classroom, infusing it into the curriculum, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

    eNVIsion Limestone Coast Regional Manager

    Callena Rawlings

    Callena Rawlings

    eNVIsion Limestone Coast Regional Manager


    Callena’s career has been guided by one powerful question, “What can we do together that we cannot do alone?” With over 25 years experience in the Public Sector, she is driven by a passion for building partnerships and creating opportunities that excite and inspire. Callena brings a jigsaw puzzle mentality to her work, always looking for opportunities that help people realise their potential and find their place.


    If you’d like to know more about eNVIsion Limestone Coast and how our community can help you, get in touch!

    eNVIsion Limestone Coast @ CLC
    Collaborative Learning Centre, Mount Gambier High School
    17 Brownes Rd, Mount Gambier SA 5290
    South Australia
    Email: callena.rawlings@flinders.edu.au 

    If you’d like to book a time with Callena to discuss joining eNVIsion Limestone Coast and what the next steps are for your business, click the button below to send her an email. She’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to organise a face-to-face meeting, or if necessary, a video call.