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Two very different businesses used Flinders’ innovative manufacturing programs to build capabilities and improve productivity. Both came out with solutions to help them grow faster.

A social enterprise/cafe and sports rehabilitation device may look like two very different companies on paper, but both came to us with similar challenges. KIK Coffee and Prohab put their challenges under the microscope and developed innovative solutions using our prototyping technology, and the results were exciting. Under the helpful hand of our  technicians and mentors, both companies developed a sustainable way to make improve the quality and throughput of their products.

If you’ve been wondering how innovative manufacturing can impact your business, we’ve put together two case studies on KIK’s and Prohab’s experiences using our innovative manufacturing programs.

KIK Coffee Banner


Meet KIK Coffee: Creating impact with every cup.

KIK is a youth social enterprise/cafe with a number of stores around Adelaide. For every cup of coffee purchased, they use the funds raised to train disadvantaged and unemployed youth with skills and knowledge to become business leaders. Young adults that go through KIK training are also taught to understand the growth of small business and be hands-on in the operation of the business.

The problem

KIK Founder, Louise Nobes, wanted to be able to create customised products for their customers, to help spread the brand and KIK’s message.

The bottom line was, KIK wanted to explore new and innovative ideas to solve a manufacturing problem and grow their business.

The solution

Using innovative manufacturing techniques (Industry 4.0), expertise and resources within the New Venture Institute, KIK has created a new cost-effective production process that increases efficiency and output to meet their desired business targets.

50sixone chocolate

KIK-crafted chocolates for 50SixOne.

The impact

As well as creating new products, KIK is delivering greater impact through this new and more efficient production process.


Prohab Case Study

Meet Prohab: Athlete testing and rehabilitation

Prohab’s revolutionary rehabilitation device helps sporting professionals enhance their strength training and testing. Prohab’s tool attaches to existing exercise equipment to measure and record forces being applied by a user; for example, when they’re undergoing specialist strength training following an injury. Data is relayed in real time to the Prohab app, to help guide the athlete and health professionals during an exercise session. The final result is an agile, accurate and intelligently crafted rehabilitation plan, that helps decrease recovery time and improve performance. Meet the future of rehabilitation!

The problem

To test their ideas and designs, Prohab needed to create various prototypes of their groundbreaking device, fast. They already had a basic, hand-made prototype, but changing designs as much as they needed was proving to be costly and slow. They needed a way to make cheap, fast prototypes while keeping the correct form, function and feel of the device.

The solution

With assistance from product design expert Prof. Sandy Walker and resources within the university, they were able to utilise  additive manufacturing to create various design iterations and implement changes quickly. With Ultimaker desktop 3D printer, they created prototypes that had the function, look and feel of the design they wanted. Through trial and testing the Prohab team were able to use the printed prototypes to decide on a model to progress to mass manufacturing.

Prohab in action

Prohab’s analytics in action

The impact

Using additive manufacturing techniques, Prohab were able to explore the various capabilities available to them at Flinders. Prohab flexed their innovation muscles and created light pipes using 3D printed resin. Those light pipes acted as a light diffuser for their onboard LED lighting, a key feature in the Prohab device. Prohab can now rapidly create new accessories to be packaged with their product.

They were also able to manufacture covers for the device, assorted tools and components to conduct fitness trials and athlete testing. Using the university’s high end 3D printer, they created an accurate mock-up of the device to ensure that the fit and finish of the final product would meet their design objectives. Using these resources and with the expert help from Flinders University, they were able to launch their product on time and successfully at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018.


Using innovative manufacturing techniques, Prohab and KIK transformed their production process.

Your business can too. Identify your challenge, focus on creating innovative solutions with our world class facilities and watch the impact it has on your productivity as an Industry 4.0 enterprise.

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