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“GO BEYOND with Flinders University.” they say. Challenge accepted! 

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Image credit: ThousandWonders

Five lucky Flinders young scientists, including me, are ready to drop their lab coats and go beyond the lab bench this September!

This time next week, we will be 15,319.35km from home; talking science, learning business,
pitching ideas and meeting experts from all over the world! We have been given an opportunity to expand our research horizons in the City of Arts and Sciences – Dresden, Germany! For 5 days, we will be at the International Summer School of Technology Transfer in Life Sciences.

It will be intensive. It will be challenging. It will be inspiring. Most importantly, I believe it will be immensely rewarding. 

The international summer school is organized by the School of Medicine of the elite university Technische Universität Dresden (TUD). Since 2012, it is one of the very few 11 German universities that were funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments.

The summer school is one of the many strategic measures that were initiated to enhance internationalization of science and research at TUD, Germany, but also greatly beneficial to the advancement of scientific research globally. It is however a very competitive opportunity. This year there are only 22 young researchers that were selected from all over the globe to participate in this distinguished program. Therefore, you can see why we are absolutely ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to be part of it!

So Flinders, who’s ready for the challenge this year? 

Our four enthusiastic scientists from Flinders include: Dr Yazad Irani (Department of Ophthalmology), Dr Maged Awadalla (School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics), Mark Gardner and Laura Gell (both from the Medical Device Research Institute). Do you want to know more about them? See what they have to say below.

We are also very fortunate that our very own Dr Stephanie Agius from the Business Development Office in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences will also join us! She has an extensive know-how in both scientific research and technology transfer and will be sharing her expertise as one of the lecturers and mentors during the Dresden summer school. In fact, she is a perfect mentor for any PhD student at Flinders! Speak to her if you would like to know more about future opportunities in Dresden.

Lastly, my name is Shee-Chee. I am a PhD student in the School of Medicine and also a student brand ambassador for New Venture Institute, Flinders University. If you feel like you missed out on the opportunity this year, I will be there to be your eyes and ears! I will be sharing my experience in Dresden in 5 upcoming blogs. And who knows? Next year might be your chance!

Meanwhile, to find out more about:

2016 International Summer School on Technology Transfer in Life Sciences, visit: http://www.summerschool-dresden.de/.

Need to speak to someone?
Are you in Dresden?
Contact the organizer! Astrid Holzhauer
Are you in Adelaide?
Contact Dr Stephanie Agius

Finally, A BIG THANK YOU to TU DRESDEN! And…HELLO from Flinders!


L to R: – Dr Maged Awadalla, Shee-Chee Ong, Dr Stephanie Agius, Laura Gell, Mark Gardner

 “I’m working on developing a user friendly software that quantifies lung disease (Cystic fibrosis, Asthma, COPD, … etc) intensity in computed tomography scans. The software has a significantly greater accuracy than regular CT scoring methods, and can recommend the most effective therapeutic aerosols to target the area of disease in the patient’s lungs. The software can be used by medical doctors, physicians, and specialists.” – Dr Maged Awadalla, Research Associate

 “Today, the world is still finding ways to improve insulin therapy for diabetes treatment, so are we. With our collaborators, we have chemically synthesized several new insulin analogues, replacing a disulfide bond with a carbon bond. The analogues revealed many interesting characteristics and great potentials. I can’t wait to share our excitement and to explore their commercial potentials during the TUD summer school!” – Shee-Chee Ong, PhD Student

 “I’m using my physics and engineering background to develop new tools to measure, diagnose and hopefully treat obstructive sleep apnoea. I’m excited to spend the week thinking about how to get this research out of the laboratory and into the real world, where it could make a big difference to people’s lives.” – Laura Gell, PhD student

 “Collaborating with ResMed, I work on developing a heart rate monitoring system for the Central Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device used to treat sleep apnea. I am very excited to not only visit Dresden but also to meet and collaborate with world experts and young entrepreneurs, as well as practice my German (Prost!)” – Mark Gardner, Phd Student

 “Aberrant growth of blood vessels in the eye is potentially sight threatening.  Current therapies do not cause regression of these vessels. We have developed a ‘biologic’ drug, which targets a blood vessel survival factor. We tested the drug in a model and showed regression of established vessels in the transparent tissue at the front of the eye.” – Dr Yazad Irani, Research Associate

Shee-Chee Ong
PhD Student
NVI Student Brand Ambassador  

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