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Where is your next customer?

MapRunner’s geo-prospecting technology will revolutionise the way businesses find leads, whether it’s while they’re travelling or just researching leads from their desktop.

MapRunner’s ground breaking prospecting technology is example of why South Australia is quickly becoming known as Australia’s innovation state. After launching last week at Melbourne’s MegaTrans Expo, MapRunner, lead by Spiral Data’s Kale Needham is helping businesses find a list of leads at the click of a button, in a user-friendly program that’s easy for any sales and marketing team to use.

With their official launch date set for the end of the year and a new residency in eNVIsion at the New Venture Institute in Tonsley, it’s an exciting time for MapRunner, and anyone who’s ever struggled to find their next customer.

“Traditional prospect databases are a blunt instrument.”

On the basis that cold calling, Googling, CRM technology and word of mouth don’t result in the desired quantity or quality of leads anymore, MapRunner is changing the way its users prospect by using GPS technology and Artificial Intelligence to search for potential clients that meet their criteria, with a much wider geographical reach.

Telematics solutions company Nationwide Tracking Systems became one of the first to incorporate MapRunner into their acquisition strategy, after presenting to Kale and the team that they were finding it difficult keeping their sales pipeline full.

MapRunner Melbourne Expo

“We currently use a CRM but finding the best prospects suited to our industry and then visiting them is no easy feat.” Since using MapRunner, Paul Carmody of NTS gained complete control of the company’s prospecting efforts, and had a list of 10,000 leads after using the program for just 5 minutes. They were able to focus on the top 200 and pick out ‘diamonds’ for future marketing efforts.


Needham explains that the reason MapRunner works is that it ‘helps companies find patterns a human can’t see’ by matching a unique customer profile to available businesses and using the AI engine to rank those prospects and present them as potential leads.

MapRunner is the recipient of the Amazon Web Services Activate (AWS) Portfolio program, receiving invaluable AWS infrastructure credits, technical, business and educational support. This support, combined with a residency in the eNVIsion co working space in the New Venture Institute at Flinders University’s Tonsley Campus, has given MapRunner the platform to develop their innovative approach to the most common challenge in business – uncovering business opportunities and growing sales.

You can find out more about MapRunner by visiting their website or if you’d like to get access to everything eNVIsion has to offer your business, find out more here.