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eNVIsion Barossa-Yorke-Mid North

eNVIsion Barossa-Yorke-Mid North was part of the EFS initiative to support and boost regional homegrown businesses.
Whether you are looking for guidance on a business idea, business support programs or referrals and links, our library of online business resources remain available.

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Sparking, enabling, and developing regional businesses

Through the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services (EFS), an initiative of the Australian Government’s Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, individuals interested in starting or growing their own business can get support and practical assistance.

Supporting and inspiring students and teachers

We are really passionate about contributing to the creation of future entrepreneurs. Recognizing the pivotal role educators play in this enterprise, we have developed and shared education tools and resources to foster an entrepreneurial mindset.

Engaging young people with STEM and entrepreneurship

As Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) underpin many new ventures being established around the world, with the support of the Australian Government we have developed physical and virtual resources to support young people’s educational journeys.




Our aim was to connect communities across the Barossa-Yorke-Mid North region with programs, resources, workshops, mentors and networks to build their businesses.


Personal Assistance

We have worked with those thinking about self-employment or wanting to grow their existing business, regardless of age or background. We helped them focus, acted as a sound board for their great ideas, and broadened their business and personal networks – through information sessions, workshops and networking events.

Dee Edwards and Proofpal Founder Julie Harper

Business Programs

We have provided programs and events for every stage of the business journey – from brand new to well-established. These included our Venture Dorm eight-week business accelerator program, the Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator, and more. Our programs delivered practical and theoretical knowledge to help them get their business ideas to market, or current businesses to the next level.

Tailored Mentoring

We connected founders to those who have successfully gone through a similar journey, and who could share their knowledge and experiences to help them do the same.

Linking and Referring

We connected founders to business support services, funding and assistance providers, and local business leaders across industries. We referred them to appropriate services so they could foster new relationships for their businesses.

Start Your Business

If you are starting a new business, congratulations! While it is a big, bold decision, it is also a fulfilling and rewarding one. As part of the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services program, we aim to equip you with resources to help you set up and start out successfully.

One of the common questions we get asked is “What do I need to know about starting my business?”. Our e-book Start Your Business: The Ultimate Guide for Regional South Australians, Barossa-Yorke-Mid North Edition offers an overview and checklist of steps to take and factors to consider when starting your business. Reviewing this e-book is one of the first key steps we recommend to any new business founder.

We invite you to access our e-book to help guide you through the practical steps of setting up your business.

Recorded workshops

We offer a variety of online resources, including videos of our workshops, to help boost your business capacity.

With topics ranging from marketing and social media to innovation capacity building and grant writing, all of them offer expert insight and advice into the fundamental elements of running a successful business.

We invite you to access our video library as part of your business journey.

Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurial Education Teaching Practices (ETPG) have a tremendous potential to enhance student engagement and increase learning relevance and learner autonomy.

The ETPG tools are designed to increase teacher adoption of entrepreneurial practices by providing accessible and flexible tools for diverse educator audiences.

These ETPG Tools guide teachers to implement Entrepreneurial Education into their professional practice and their learning design.

The design intentions for these tools are to increase teacher capacity to practically apply entrepreneurial educational concepts to engage students in relevant and student-centred learning, and facilitate and promote authentic partnerships between teachers and industry.

Dee Edwards

Entrepreneurship Facilitator (Barossa-Yorke-Mid North), Flinders NVI

Based in the Barossa, Dee has a specialisation in agribusiness and food entrepreneurship. She has owned her own business working one-on-one with SME agrifood businesses and startups to build their management proficiency, improve core business profitability, and develop business growth plans. She places emphasis on one-on-one mentoring in all of her work, as well as building direct-to-consumer, business-to-business and regional stakeholder relationships. Dee has a Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism and a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing. She is on the Board of Barossa Farmers Market, serves on the Grants Assessment Panel for Country Arts SA, and is part of the Reconciliation Barossa Committee.

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