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Entrepreneurs Program hear from NVI, Voxon & Prohab 

Entrepreneurs Week New Venture Institute

New Venture Institute, Voxon Photonics and Prohab participated in a panel for the AusIndustry Entrepreneur’s Program to present each of their unique views on Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing in Australia. 

The Entrepreneurs Program gathered 20 Advanced Manufacturing Business Advisers who regularly undertake business evaluations and provide advice to SMEs on how to transform, develop capabilities and grow manufacturing businesses to be globally competitive. These business advisers usually come together twice a year to stay aligned strategically, ahead of business, market, industry and technology developments and trends, and to share knowledge and promote collaboration.

The Panel: Carla from NVI, Michael and Will from Voxon and Lyndon from Prohab


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Carla from NVI moderated the discussion panel, along with Michael and Will from Voxon and Lyndon from Prohab. Being in the leading front of innovation, Voxon and Prohab covered topics such as innovative thinking, business models, sales and manufacturing processes with a focus on the impact of Industry 4.0 on local SME manufacturers. Specific examples of how Industry 4.0 can help manufacturers utilise data to develop new business models and new products were delivered to demonstrate the importance of adopting new manufacturing technologies such as sensors and 3D printing on connecting with customers, enhancing productivity, flexibility and competitiveness and most importantly growing revenue.

Concrete demonstration was provided on how being smaller or operating in a small market is no longer a challenge in Industry 4.0 and how future business models and upskilling the workforce can break scale disadvantages.


Entrepreneur's Week

Voxon and Prohab’s speakers both highlighted the importance of being located in the Tonsley Innovation District. 

Their location allows them to leverage academic and research resources such as Flinders University, the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC), the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute (AITI), the New Venture Institute (NVI), the Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation (TMI) Hub and sharing knowledge with other companies such as SAGE Automation and Micro-X.

Finally, the panel focused on manufacturing transformation initiatives being delivered across the Tonsley Precinct. Michael from Voxon highlighted the importance of his participation in the first cohort of the Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator  – developed and delivered by the New Venture Institute.


What is the Innovative Manufacturing Accelerator (IMA)?

The IMA is a tailored program designed for SMEs to develop new opportunities using innovative approaches and Industry 4.0 tools over a period of 6 weeks, for an average of 3 hours per week. It’s a hands-on program that provides the benefit of engaging with experts from Industry 4.0, while having access to Tonsley’s leading tech labs.

The IMA is supported by the Commonwealth Government and is the 1st Acceleration Program on Industry 4.0 to be delivered in Australia. If you’re interested in joining other SMEs to commit to Industry 4.0, register now! The next intake starts late July.