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Entrepreneurial Education Teacher Practice Guide

The ‘Entrepreneurial Education Teacher Practice Guide’ is about enabling teachers to get students excited
about learning through a set of tools and principles that empower students
to see the meaning and importance of the notions they are being asked to study.


Entrepreneurial Education increases student engagement by making the learning more relevant to the real world. It enables teachers to connect students to the future world of work by fostering a teaching environment where students learn invaluable entrepreneurial skills- such as creativity, resilience, problem-solving, value creation, judgement, and more-, connect with local industries, and get motivated to learn about and tackle glocal issues. 

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Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets during secondary schooling is paramount. By doing so, we can build the workforce our region needs to thrive by creating future entrepreneurs that will either innovate and add value within our existing businesses or establish new business ideas contributing to the diversity we already have.

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Entrepreneurial education

Entrepreneurial Education Teaching Practices (ETPG) have a tremendous potential to enhance student engagement and increase learning relevance and learner autonomy.

The ETPG tools are designed to increase teacher adoption of entrepreneurial practices by providing accessible and flexible tools for diverse educator audiences.

These ETPG Tools guide teachers to implement Entrepreneurial Education into their professional practice and their learning design.

The design intentions for these tools are to increase teacher capacity to practically apply entrepreneurial educational concepts to engage students in relevant and student-centred learning, and facilitate and promote authentic partnerships between teachers and industry.


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