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    Entrepreneurial Education Teacher Practice Guide

    The ‘Entrepreneurial Education Teacher Practice Guide’ is about enabling teachers to get students excited
    about learning through a set of tools and principles that empower students
    to see the meaning and importance of the notions they are being asked to study.


    Entrepreneurial Education increases student engagement by making the learning more relevant to the real world. It enables teachers to connect students to the future world of work by fostering a teaching environment where students learn invaluable entrepreneurial skills- such as creativity, resilience, problem-solving, value creation, judgement, and more-, connect with local industries, and get motivated to learn about and tackle glocal issues. 

    Flinders NVI and high school students event


    Fostering entrepreneurial mindsets during secondary schooling is paramount. By doing so, we can build the workforce our region needs to thrive by creating future entrepreneurs that will either innovate and add value within our existing businesses or establish new business ideas contributing to the diversity we already have.

    Carla mentoring kids

    Outreach Roadshow

    Wednesday December 1


    Venue: Resource Center of John Pirie Secondary School

    Address: 40 Mary Elie St, Port Pirie SA 5540

    Time: 12pm – 3pm

    Light lunch, tea and coffee provided.


    Thursday December 2


    Venue: Kadina Memorial School

    Address: 5 Doswell Terrace, Kadina SA 5554

    Time: 9am – 12pm

    Light lunch, tea and coffee provided.


    Friday December 3


    Venue: Barossa Campus, Beckwith Park

    Address: 30-38 Barossa Valley Way, Level One, Nuriootpa SA 5355

    Time: 9am – 12pm

    Light lunch, tea and coffee provided.


    Your Facilitators

    Feresh Agahi Pizarro

    Teacher and Educational Consultant

    Feresh is a passionate teacher and educational consultant with a trove of global professional experiences in a variety of sectors, spanning from Architecture (her original field) to Design and Technology, and Education. Her mission? To make teaching practices that connect students to the world and empower them to be future-ready become the norm and not the exception in South Australian secondary schools. She has combined education and design thinking, human-centred design and creative thinking to create ‘scaffolds’ supporting teachers to articulate and implement teaching practices that make learning more relevant to students in a way that is flexible and easy to adopt. The ‘Entrepreneurial Education Teacher Practice Guide’ is the capstone of her educator’s journey.


    Callena Rawlings

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Flinders New Venture Institute

    Callena has spent the past two years embedded on site at one of South Australia’s Entrepreneurial Specialist Schools, working in an outreach capacity for Flinders New Venture Institute. Callena is an experienced Innovation and Entrepreneurship facilitator and has a detailed and current understanding of the challenges of our education system, especially when it comes to making changes, implementing new approaches, and responding to the challenges laid out in South Australia’s Entrepreneurial Learning Strategy. Callena is particularly passionate about co-designing opportunities for industry and education to share the responsibility for our youth’s learning journey. She is looking forward to sharing with you what works, what doesn’t work, and how we can collaborate to make our young people and their future the primary customer of our educational system.


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