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Get to know Daniel, founder of Pencil Rocket, Venture Dormer and SISA VISA recipient!

The SISA Visa, Visa 408 or the Entrepreneur’s Visa is part of a national program, which is being premiered right here in South Australia. The SISA Visa’s objective is to grow start-up businesses and encourage new skills, ideas and innovation in SA and Australia as a result.

The SISA Visa was launched in November by Premier Steven Marshall with a $400,000 funding commitment over four years to support the program. Flinders New Venture Institute (that’s us!) were invited to play host to applicants and eventually, recipients of the Visa, alongside The Moonshine Lab, University of Adelaide’s ThincLab and UniSA’s Innovation and Collaboration Centre

Daniel is the founder of Pencil Rocket, a social media and content creation agency that helps businesses tell their story. In September 2019, Daniel is taking Pencil Rocket through Venture Dorm to test out a new aspect of the company, connect with mentors and meet fellow entrepreneurs.

Let’s get to know Daniel a little better!

Welcome to SA! It’s a pleasure to have you join us. What business brings you to South Australia? Hi everyone, my name is Daniel and I am so excited to be here at NVI. I am originally from Malaysia but I have been in Melbourne for the last four years, so please  feel free to teach me more about SA, and tell me more about your story because I am genuinely curious. I am the co-founder of a little social media agency based in Melbourne called Pencil Rocket. With my incredibly talented team, we help businesses tell their story better through social media, videos and digital paid advertising.

What attracted you to living and working in SA? There are so many reasons why I came here. The weather, the people, the community, the nature, the hope that I will be living a completely different lifestyle from Melbourne and the thought of starting from scratch (well, not really since I’m with NVI) really invigorates me. Plus, I think there is a lot of potential and support for business innovation that you don’t see in other states.

What are you looking forward to about being part of the Flinders New Venture Institute community? Definitely making new friends and hearing their stories. Entrepreneurs in general have the most interesting stories.

What kind of things are you hoping to test and learn in Venture Dorm? I want to explore how else Pencil Rocket can help businesses grow from a marketing perspective. We have been working as a service business for about a year, I think it’s time we explore other ways to expand our reach and help more people.

What can’t you wait to try in Australia? (activity, food, etc.) I cannot wait to try the wines SA is so proud of. Can I get some recommendations please?

And NOW, get to know Daniel’s business: Pencil Rocket! 

The team at Pencil Rocket are videographers, editors, producers, strategists, designers, social media experts and media salespeople. Together, they make magic for their clients using content creation, strategy, videography and social media management.

Daniel heads up his team in Melbourne and together, they’ve worked on some very exciting projects in a small amount of time, with a value proposition they’ve simplified down to: “We are the creators and distributors of quality creative content.”