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Venture Dorm Graduates, Semester 1, 2016

Not long now until we see our graduates walking down the red carpet this tonight at the eNVIes, Venture Dorm Graduation Awards. We can’t wait!

Venture Dorm is a critical early stage step in the entrepreneurial journey, and the eNVIes is all about celebrating this achievement. Participants have taken an idea, found a viable business model which is scalable and repeatable, from scratch, in less than 12 weeks!  The event is almost booked out with finalists competing for over $80,000 worth of fabulous prizes! These prizes support the next leg of the startup journey, and all graduates receive continued support through eNVIsion.

The hashtag for the eNVIes is #envies2016 for those who with to play along at home!


Below are the finalists who will be pitching tonight and below are our graduates and their ideas for Semester 1.

SmartBBQ – Alex Tolson, Alex Pearce
TC Pinpoint – Rachel Kidwell
Common Sense Surf Company – Neil Campbell
School Selector – Risha Rewal, Ridha Anand
Shelftastic – Aaron Butler
Warm’n’ready – Daniel Lauterio
Quuee – Grant Bailey


Majed Alhussan
Travel blanket for economy class passengers to provide comfortable sleep while travelling.

Beer Runner (Jason Beaumont; Zackaria Syrianos)
Beer Runner is a hospitality platform that makes paperless money transactions from the ease of the end users smartphone and can have their selected beverages delivered to their table in one easy to use app.

BOSS Games (Glynn Butler; Daniel Oulten; Rajkumar Sekar; Scott Sleep)
Be the boss of your own space program in our exciting, social and educational board game, Mission Control.

Common Sense Surf Company (Neil Campbell)
Common Sense Surf is committed to providing its customers an excellent surf wax; organic, durable with effective grip in both warm & cool waters. Our ambition is to prove its shark deterring role. We believe surfers will embrace both its practical application & complimentary qualities at a reasonable price.

Gutter Cleaning Tool (Bob Cameron; Kathy Menzel)
Development and sale of home maintenance tools. Our first product is a gutter cleaner.

LuxePods (Andrew Pole)
Luxury prefabricated and relocatable buildings for residential and commercial industries.  Focusing on tourism accommodation.

Monarch by Monarch (Kylie Chan)
Fashion label with two distinct lines; ‘monarch by monarch’ our low quantity, ethically manufactured line, and ‘needleby monarch’ our handmade, one of a kind line.

Pincam (Zhenglin Wang; Phillip Taylor)
Focus on lightweight and practical smarthome electronics design and development, help customers customize their smarthome style, and enable that all common household facilities (i.e., letterboxes, trash bins, flower pots, swimming pools and the like) can be monitored and/or controlled via mobile phones.

Quuee (Grant Bailey)
Quuee (pronounced Quu-ee) is a Social Commerce Video Platform (SCVP) built for Online Beauty Influencers with 25,000 or fewer YouTube subscribers to improve discovery and better engage consumers in collaborative social commerce.

Shelftastic (Aaron Butler)
Solves out of stocks / over stocks (solution is not easily identifiable) and provides high quality information for strategic decision making in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry.

smartBBQ (Alex Tolson; Alex Pearce; Matthew Freeman)
We are living in a technology revolution. We are seeing our everyday devices connecting to the internet to improve upon their functionality. The smartBBQ is the world’s first barbecue that ensures you cook to perfection, every single time.

School Selector (Ridha Anand; Risha Rewal)
A website that compares Adelaide private schools based on a number of different categories.

Squeekypeas (Bernadette Eckermann)
App, tablet and web service for finding and booking kids activities perfectly matched to kids ages, interests and the family’s calendar.

TC Pinpoint (Rachel Kidwell)
TC Pinpoint (TCP) is a cloud based software platform for use in the construction industry. TCP brings together all stakeholders involved in the tenancy delivery process to enable them to do more with less.

The Exchange (Ivy Diegmann; Fiona Telford-Sharp; Lenore de la Perrelle)
A Member Network……….The Exchange—Find people like you, reinvent, rediscover, find your voice

The Nurtured Child (Chelsea Mauch; Rebecca Perry)
The Nurtured Child offers a series of online courses which aim to provide parents and carers of young children with credible, easy to understand information about child nutrition that is relevant to Australian families. The flagship course ‘First foods to the family table’, will host a suite of videos, including videos of real-life babies eating, to guide parents from their babies very first tastes of food, to sharing a meal at the family table.

Warm’n’Ready (Daniel Lauerio)
Warm ‘n’ Ready is a portable temperature controlled thermos specifically designed for babies that will enable busy parents to continue with their lifestyle and provide peace of mind while feeding their child away from home.

Warran.T (Scott Stirling)
We have a platform that gives consumers a compelling reason for sharing information on why they made a particular purchasing decision. This is unique as never before has there been a service that can collect this vital information that gives customers a reason to be honest in their feedback.

Thank you to our sponsors
This event would not be possible without the help of our wonderful partners and prize sponsors who are helping to give our passionate entrepreneurs, makers and do-ers the support they need to grow.

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