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Get a tailored specific analysis and assessment in one of six areas of your business. Those areas include:

  1. Complete digital strategies, with eBusiness360
  2. The best ways to grow your business, with Business Growth and Innovation
  3. Deep strategic insight, with Strategic Management
  4. Impact and engagement online, with Social Media Marketing
  5. New ways to use physical spaces and things, with Design Engineering.

Delivered by Flinders Enterprise Consulting, the program gives you the benefit of a full class of advanced students. Up to 30 students will work together on your business, applying the most current thinking to a problem that you need solved.

Benefits to your business

The Flinders Enterprise Consulting program gives you access to:

  • Up to 30 minds on the one issue, as a case study.
  • The latest research in the field.
  • Guidance from industry-leading organisations.
  • Feedback that gives you a direct competitive advantage.

Flinders Enterprise Consulting can help you to solve your business's current challenge.

How it works

Over the course of a semester, a class of students will examine your business. The cohort will:

  • Define the problem
  • Thoroughly examine your business
  • Conduct a complete analysis and assessment
  • Develop solutions that will move your business forwards.

You will receive a complete report, and a 15-minute presentation, at the end of the program.

Select the project that is right for you

For a complete digital strategy based on a 360-degree assessment of your business and its online presence, choose eBusiness360.

For a complete analysis of the best ways to grow your business, and to establish cycles of innovation, choose Business Growth and Innovation.

For a complete strategic management review, which will give you deep strategic insight, choose Strategic Management.

To improve your impact and engagement in social media, and understand the opportunity you have to use them for marketing, choose Social Media Marketing.

To develop concepts for new ways to use spaces and physical things, including wayfinding and navigation, choose Design Engineering.

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Each project type has a limited number of places available. If you miss out, your project will be kept in a queue, and you will be given priority for the next round.

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Collaborating with Flinders and the enthusiastic and passionate students through the New Venture Institute provides my Foundation with a significant advantage as we rapidly grow. The ability of the students and their academic guides to tap into global best practice, collaborating with the leading minds in this space around the world is a benefit of our growing relationship.

- Maggie Beer AM