3D printing and scanning: Rapid prototyping

Access 3D Printing, 3D Scanning and other rapid prototyping services at the Flinders Innovation Centre.

3D printing for prototypes, parts and injection moulding

The 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies at the Flinders Innovation Centre allow you to create precise, high definition prototypes, parts, and injection moulding tools.

Using a Stratasys Connex 260 3D printer, your prototypes will be created using polyjet technology. Unlike regular 3D printers, polyjet technology creates incredible colour and amazing, end-products. They are extremely smooth and well-finished.

The Artec Spider that the Flinders Innovation Centre uses for 3D scanning, creates well-defined 3D scans of difficult and intricate objects. You can access it to replicate intricate and complex objects via 3D printing.

Example of a product printed using polyjet technology.
Example of a product printed using polyjet technology.


Anyone can use the Flinders Innovation Centre’s services

We want you to learn about and use the innovative technologies that will be critical to South Australia’s future industries.


Rapid prototyping leads to faster commercialisation

The award-winning Hills Innovation Centre’s Arthritis Pendant Nurse Call Device was rapidly prototyped and validated using our 3D printing service. This pendant has now been successfully commercialised.

The service has also been used by many local designers to produce cost-effective, high quality prototypes and parts with a rapid turnaround time.

3D printing and rapid prototyping enabled the arthritis nurse call device to be commercialised

Take a tour of the Flinders Innovation Centre

To check out our facilities, and discover the capabilities that you can access, you can arrange a tour of the Flinders Innovation Centre.

During your tour, you will learn:

  1. Why businesses use 3D printing to develop prototypes rapidly and cost-effectively
  2. How businesses and individuals can do this
  3. What is available to you at the Flinders Innovation Centre.


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