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Current Directions Blockchain Conference on Distributed Ledger Technology

Disruption in business is the new normal. Today’s economic landscape is challenging. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Understanding these disruptive forces is critical for competitive advantage as new opportunities and threats are revealed. Ignoring them can be potentially devastating for business, industries, professional services and governments. Flinders University is bringing together leading industry experts on cyber security, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain to discuss current industry applications of this fascinating technological revolution.

Current Directions Blockchain Conference, being held at Flinders New Venture Institute, Tonsley, on 3 July, opens with Blockchain 101 and moves throughout the day to explore current distributed ledger technology applications, strategic considerations and key insights from leading professionals from the defence and cyber security sectors.

Current Australian Case Studies
Attendees are set to hear front line approaches to blockchain technology from businesses such as CISCO, ADCCA, Civic Ledger, Leading Directions, AgriDigital, Rights Commerce and OpSys. Panel discussions will see the conversation to go even deeper, exploring legal and regulatory considerations, including cyber security and defence perspectives.

Leading expert, author and key note speaker, Tim Lea
Key note speaker and leading expert in blockchain technology, Tim Lea, author of Down The Rabbit Hole, helps business people all over the world understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

“Blockchain is so powerful it has the power to disrupt almost every avenue of economic behaviour. The technology is complex and far from easy to understand, but once you understand it, you can unlock its power and potential. Blockchain is just like the internet was in 1995 – raw but full of potential. 20 years on – just see where the internet has taken us; how many significant brands have been created. The technology has been the domain of cryptographic, technical geniuses, with brain the size of several solar systems rolled into one. But now, it is ripe for business people, like you, to understand,” said Tim Lea.

Who should attend?
The conference is an opportunity for business and government leaders, policy and decision makers across various sectors to ‘look under the bonnet’, and learn from current Australian distributed ledger technology industry applications. Industry exemplars investigating and using DLT and blockchain in enterprise will be sharing experiences relevant to banking, finance, law, defence, health records, energy, agribusiness, as well as cybersecurity and intellectual property rights.

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