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Heidi Miller
Role at New Venture Institute: Event Manager


23 Years old.
Studied International Tourism Management at Flinders University.
Silly, outgoing, happy.

Tell us how you first got involved in with New Venture Institute…
I was originally a brand ambassador for NVI and I helped out at a number of events between 2014-15 and then when the Event Manager position became available I applied!

Have you ever had a business idea?
I started a (very) small organic, handmade skin care business the concept being that if you wouldn’t eat a product, why would you put it on your skin?
I created a range of handmade artisan products including moisturisers, scrubs, masks, eczema treatment bars and deodorants, came up with a logo and brand and Just This. Simple Skin Care was born. No chemicals or animal by-products in sight!

What is the best piece of advice you have received?
An oldie but a goodie repeated constantly by my mum; “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. As I get older I realise how inherently true and important this is.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I read, travel and explore, watch trashy TV shows, go to the gym, hike with my Dad and I love having a wine with good friends!heidi2

What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?
I’ve never seen the Lion King.

What are three websites you check every day?
Did I say Pinterest?

My favourite virtue in someone else is…
A sincere and active listener- little follow up questions the next day is the icing on the cake!

A natural talent I would like to have is…
Having any form of dancing ability.

My ideal holiday is
Aimlessly wandering around side streets and exploring random shops and hidden places in the snow in a European city or snowboarding in fresh powder down a black run in the Canadian wilderness.

My greatest extravagance is…
Airline flights.